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Like QCoreApplication, QThread provides an exit(int) function and a quit() slot. An event loop in a thread makes it possible for the thread to use certain non-GUI Qt classes that require the presence of an event loop (such as QTimer, QTcpSocket, and QProcess). It also makes it possible to connect signals from any threads to slots of a specific

What Qt spec says about thread-affinity: timers started in one thread, cannot be stopped from another thread. And only the thread owning a socket instance can use this socket. What do I do if a slot is not invoked? - KDAB All Qt developers have asked themselves at least once in their careers: “why isn’t my slot invoked?” (I’ve asked myself that question many, many times). There are a number of reasons why a connection may fail to be properly set up, and … Qt Toolkit - Thread Support in Qt The Qt library mutex provides a method for calling Qt methods from threads other than the event thread. MythTV: QObject is dangerous for your health The only thread-safe classes in Qt are QThread and the mutex classes. when you call any non-static QObject method you must have a lock on it or make sure only thread ever calls that function.

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Feb 4, 2016 ... DirectConnection: call the slot as seen in Part 1 */ ... to the queue, and if the receiver is living in another thread, we notify the event dispatcher of ... Thread: Call Slot from QtScript with Qt::QueuedConnection - Qt ... Jul 16, 2015 ... So now I want to call a slot of an object which I made available within ... for the engine without starting another thread, but couldn't get it to work. What do I do if a slot is not invoked? - KDAB

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Lock Free Multithreading in Qt – Dave Smith's Blog If multithreading is challenging to get right in your applications, then lock-free multithreading is down-right killer.. This article won’t go into detail about lock-free algorithms, but instead I will offer a “poor man’s” method for crossing thread boundaries in Qt without using locks (no mutexes, no semaphores). Qt 4.4.3: Thread Support in Qt - Club des développeurs Qt