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Жетон слота — Оружие ближнего боя (Slot Token - Melee) Предмет для ковки 1-го уровня: Используется ... Slot Token - Melee « TF2 Items « Team Fortress 2 - TF2 ... Team Fortress 2 - TF2. News, downloads, forums, blueprints, guides, items about TF2! - Trade your TF2 Items in the Trade System. ... Slot Token - Melee General How do you get the sandman in tf2 - ... Class Token - Scout + Slot Token - Melee ... Once you start up Team Fortress 2 go to the bottom ... it in the Mann co store OR craft it using the ... Team Fortress 2 Crafting Blueprints – How to create hats ...

Tf2 Crafting Slot Token Melee

Class Token + Slot Token + Scrap Metal => whatever weapon you were after. Engie Token + Primary Slot Token => Frontier Justice (Shotgun).Engie Token + Melée Slot Token => Gunslinger (Sentry makin’ robofist). TF2 - Token crafting #1 - Видео онлайн

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Slot Token - Melee - Prices and stats for Slot Token - Melee, an item in Team Fortress 2. How to craft melee and scout token? :: Team Fortress 2 ... I was wondering wanted to craft the Three Rune Sword (Scout's rare melee weapon) but It needs some stuff,like melee token,scout token and scrap metal but I ...

Put into your tf2 autoexec in Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg. As for melee tips, my tip is swing early. Melee hit registers after .25 seconds unless you're a spy. Make it so early, you almost miss and eventually you'll find the timing. I play mainly on a crit server, so the initial hit is VERY important.

Используется для указания слота в чертежах. Данный предмет надевается в слот: Оружие ближнего боя.Например, если при ковке включить в чертеж 'Жетон слота — Основное оружие', то будет сковано основное оружие. Crafting the Southern Hospitality (engineer melee weapon)… Forums » General TF2 » Crafting the Southern Hospitality ( assuming that forumular works, here is my guide to craft this weapon withing a few weeks with a 100% guarentee. 3 spy weapons = spy token 3 secondary slot weapons = secondary slot token 2 class weapons = scrap metal.